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Based on the successful Stalker movie franchise, STALKER 2 continues the tale set in that world. The first game was an excellent game and received many recommendations for a PC game of excellence. The second game has received mixed reviews. Many have praised the new game while others have commented that it is not as good as the first. I will explain why I feel this way and how the differences are beneficial to players like me.

Stalker 2 has a few different settings that differentiate it from the first game. One of them is the level design. The maps in the second game are extremely large and offer multiple types of challenges. It is possible to fight off waves of attackers or run and hide to elude detection.

There are four difficulty levels in the game. Two of them, "Normal" and" Survivor" are designed for intermediate gamers who would like to try the single player games without much problem. The other two," Legendary" and" Ultimate" are intended for those who want the challenge. These games are designed for those players who prefer a bit more challenge and want to learn some new skills. Although the game provides a lot of content and leveling opportunities, it is quite possible that novice gamers will find the harder difficulties to be too much of a challenge.

Another difference is the type of weapons used in these games. In the first game players had only a pistol. Although effective, it did have some drawbacks. For example, you could not use the rapid fire at close range and accuracy was minimal. This limitation was not an issue in the second game as many different types of weapons were added.

Many of these weapons are only available in certain games in the single player campaign. For example, the original Stalker had only one gun that could be switched from one to another and could only be used when you were close enough to a target. On the other hand, most of the multiplayer games feature a wide array of possible weapons that can be switched out depending on your character's situation at any given time.

In addition to this, there is also the matter of the difficulty level. The first game was quite easy, especially for a newbie. That is not the case in the second game. The difficulty has been increased and is now comparable to other highly popular first person shooters. That is not to say that it is impossible to play STALKER 2 if you do not know the first game, since many people who did not like the first game seem to have been enjoying the second.

There have been a lot of improvements made to STALKER 2. For example, all the aspects that made the game boring (no multiplayer, limited settings, targeting AI) have been improved. The game's interface has been completely redone. The controls are easier to learn and understand. You can find help topics inside the game as well. All these features have added to the overall quality of the game.

Despite its age, STALKER 2 is still very enjoyable. It just takes a little more effort than the first game to enjoy it. If you enjoyed the first game, expect the second to be even more fun. I highly recommend STALKER 2 to anyone. It is available at a cheap price, so buying it will put some money back into your pocket.

If you read other STALKER reviews, you'll find that most of them talk about the same things. However, it should be said that most of the reviews are from gamers who bought the "pro" version. Only the "consumer" version comes with all the possible upgrades. Thus, it is recommended that you buy the newest game (i.e. the one with all the new maps and characters).

In my opinion, STALKER 2 is still one of the best survival games on the market. It is so realistic that it makes you feel as if you are really out in the wilderness. So, if you are a first-timer, I recommend STALKER 2: First Encounter, because you will surely get hooked once you start playing the game.

However, there are also some people who do not like this game for some reasons. That is why I wrote this STALKER 2 review. It is my hope that you will consider this information. Also, I would like to share my personal experience with this game. The game was very challenging, but also a lot of fun.